"As an artist, I strive to blend your senses, allowing you to see sounds and hear light."


The technical name for the neurological condition Deb was born with is “synesthesia,” but she thinks of it as an experience—one that she enjoys bringing into the world. As a teenager, Deb assumed it was simply part of every-day consciousness to see songs as patterns of light on the visual spectrum. As she became an adult, she learned that her mind’s wires had been crossed in a unique way that was worth sharing, and so began years of trial and error with various mediums and styles of expression.


Eventually, Deb found an artistic home in the form of mandalas. Their intricate properties gave her the ability to express not only the colors that she sees in music but the forms and textures that go along with it. The process of creating them is a meditative experience—a soothing effect that she aims to share with her patrons.

Deb Teasley